Wedding Photo Shoot Creative Ideas

If you are looking for some creative ideas for your wedding ceremony and photo shoot, you’ll find the following article very useful…There were some things I was sure about when we started searching for a wedding location: I don’t want a fancy venue and it should be something unique and thematic, something related to my passion and what I love, which is fashion and animals.
Luckily we had only 25 guests so this idea was quite convenient for us …

I was searching for galleries, museums, even theaters but I couldn’t find the right one. Then my husband (knowing me so well) suggested having it at the Zoo!!
Apparently this option was a bit more affordable in terms of selection and availability, but the task of finding the right one for us still wasn’t so easy!

I believe in the expression: “Meant to be”, however, I always add a little phrase to it : “But you should do your part”.Believing in this saying and doing my part, I found the perfect location: “The Jungle Cat World” – a private zoo near Oshawa, with amazing people, adorable animals, outstanding service and approach!

The “Jungle Cat World” provided me with their home located in the zoo property and 6 animals for my photo shoot ( it is very important for me to mention that I know for sure they treat their little creatures with love and care).
I won’t describe how I felt being surrounded with all this magic on my wedding day,  I couldn’t have asked for better place to share my love with my significant other and my love to nature and animals – I think I felt an over dose of love on that day 🙂

Oh and by the way, instead of holding bridal flowers I carried a little fox called Luna

wedding photo shoot ideas

 Photo shoot creative ideas and tips:

If you have an option to plan your photo shoot for a different day than your wedding day, you should do it ! You can plan it on a day when you have your hair and makeup trial. In my case with all my creative ideas, I couldn’t have done it on the same day… Also I have to say that I couldn’t have done all this without the help and support of my amazing sister, who added a lot of her creative thinking and unique ideas!

 And now, let me share with you  all these ideas that I  am talking about :

1.  You may consider having 2 different concept locations, for example: Nature and Urban Architecture , this way you will be able to diversify your looks ( nature – cute and romantic , urban –  sexy and modern  )

2. Clothing and accessories: I don’t know how your dress is going to look, but if you have an option to combine: colorful shoes/sneakers , hair accessories , gloves, etc. that would be great !
I had them all, including ballerina pointes, you don’t have to wear them you can just include them in your pictures , it adds a lot of romance and elegance…

Tip : there are 2 types of pointes – the real ones that are expensive and usually can’t be sold to a regular person who is not a ballet dancer and the ones that are meant for practicing , more affordable and accessible

3.  Heels – what about a different color than white? I had black Louboutin heels and black sparkling jewelries and I loved it ! You may also consider wearing  a bow/ belt/gloves in a different color than your white dress, It  will always pop and  distinguish you  from other brides.

Tip – if you are choosing to wear long statement earrings don’t wear them with necklace…

wedding photo shoot ideas urban

wedding balerina photo shoot ideas

wedding photo shoot ideas nature  sunflowers

4. Bring your own equipment – if you aren’t lazy you can create your own signs with different cool messages like “Just Married ” or “Your freedom is over” try to make them colorful and happy , it’s good for the pictures.

5. Balloons – bring as many as you can, even if you think it’s not unique anymore, believe me, it’s always impressive and good for the pictures.

6. Colorful candies, fruits, macaroons – you can use them in one of your scenes ( see some ideas that I did below ) :

weddingnature  photo shoot ideas

wedding creative funny photo shoot ideas

wedding creative pictures

7. Animals – if you have your own pet you must include them in your pictures! It’s the cutest thing ever!

wedding photo shoot shoot ideas animals zoo

wedding photo shoot shoot ideas with animals zoo

8.  More accessories for your wedding photo shoot scenes :  Bubbles , Chess, Books/Fashion journals , Umbrellas (for fall/winter season or just gray days )

wedding photo shoot creative ideas

wedding photo shoot bubbles


wedding photo shoot creative ideas hunter

9. Toys – if you want to create a childish and cute mood for some of your pictures

Tip : If you have a nephew or niece , check out their toys,  you may be very inspired by the options you will find there ( in my case we took some musical instruments and used them for a group picture with my family – My sister’s idea  )

wedding photo shoot toys

10. Use your hobby – if you love to cook/paint/dance you can integrate it in your photo shoot as well, for instance: you can bring your painting colors and canvas and create a scene of painting the outdoors

The list can go on and on but I don’t want you to get tired …:) As you can see there is no limit to our imagination, and it requires a lot of planning, but I think it’s worth it!
If somebody had told me that I would have my wedding at the zoo, said, “I DO” in English,  and held a fox instead of a bridal flower bouquet, I would  have thought that was IMPOSSIBLE… but apparently it is  – so believe in your dreams and make them happen!


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