TW Fashion Week – S/S 2018 Review

For the past 2 months, I’ve been watching the most glamorous Fashion shows in NY, Milan, Paris and Toronto. All these shows made me think about very interesting phenomenon; unlike the technology field which has to innovate and move forward, the fashion industry can do the opposite … This is probably the only industry that can come back in time and borrow some old and forgotten trends from the past, give them a new perspective and make them look trendy again.

Nowadays, most of the big name designers are reintroducing the  80’s and 90’s  by bringing back some of the fashion elements such as large padded shoulders, metallic materials, oversized masculine pants suits and coats. (Thanks to this manifestation, we can wear socks with sandals again – without feeling weird 😉 )
I have to admit that I find it pretty interesting to watch, because this way we can reinvent the fashion and get the opportunity to come back to the period of time that we have some memories and nostalgia to !

Now let’s talk about TW Fashion Week and what we can learn from the most fabulous week of the year…

Evening Wear
Stephan Caras

It’s not a secret that one of my favorite designers in Canadian fashion industry is Stephan Caras, the man who has an impressive fashion history and an extraordinary personality!

His designs bring a strong femininity, chic and passion! This time he showed us (along with other international designers) that feathers, sheer and chiffon fabrics are must have in your evening wear selection.


Frankly speaking, I’ve never heard of this designer but I am always happy to discover new names that bring more beauty to the runway.

ZOFF mad the runway look like a real Oscar party by presenting a collection full of sequins and rich colors. Sequins and sparkly wear have been around for a long time and it still seems like another long lasting trend that you should be aware of.

Amato Couture

Amato Couture is an established couture designer house based in Dubai, who brought some international spirit into the runway. Amato’s art is an excellent example of what Couture is and how to make it work – I call it art because it’s my little addition to the definition of couture.
No wonder celebrities like Heidi Klum , Beyonce , Jennifer Lopez, and many more have chosen his designs…

In my opinion, when we talk about evening wear, the most important thing to notice and mark as a tendency, is the fabric/material types and colors that are being used. Majority of the designs in evening wear are pretty common, and let’s be honest, not all of us have the proper event to wear those extravagant gowns to.
In my case, I look at the little details/features and use them as a source of inspiration for my next outfit idea that I usually wear to my significant events such as Birthday or Christmas parties. Those are always a good reason to look fancy:)

Ready – To – Wear

This show brought some street style vibes into the runway. I was thrilled to see an integration of creativity, variety and craziness, along with current trends presentation such as elegant wear with sport items, western wear, and metallic with velvet materials that made this show look absolutely fashionable and unique.

And now, for your fashionable convenience, I gathered the most popular and notable trends, that were seen during the fashion month in NY, Milan, Paris and Toronto. I hope that this list will simplify your shopping process and help you to pick the right items for your wardrobe:

1. Popular Colors: Blue, Red, Metallic

2. Print: Embroidery, tartan, grey plaid/checked print

3. Style:  80’s -90’s ,  padded shoulders, sporty chic, oversized pants suite , total look (same color for the complete outfit including shoes )

4. Fabric: Organza, pvc (plastic), feathers, velvet, metallic

5. Accessory: Beret, white sneakers, over the knee boots



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