Toronto Women Fashion Week Review – 2018

After another round of fashionable and glamourous week that was organized by the amazing Toronto  Fashion Group , I can certainly say that the Canadian Fashion Industry is on the map !  I have been following and covering Toronto Fashion Weeks for the last 4 years and it is very important for me, as a Canadian fashionista, to witness progress, be amazed and get my goosebumps at least one time during the shows, and you know what, I am getting more and more every time I am beeing there.
Don’t get the impression that I am too nice or flattering, since I have some constructive criticism to share with you as well; in my humble opinion, there was lack of qualitative “ready to wear” collections. It is interesting to see that the evening wear, which is usually much more expensive and complicated to create and design, is much more advanced than the ready – to – wear or casual wear collections.
I am not saying that we don’t have good designers in this field; I am just saying that we don’t see much of them during the fashion weeks…

And now let’s start with my favorite part – The most noticeable designers and my review!

  1. David Dixon

This is probably the most sensitive, profound and romantic designer… He is an inseparable part of almost every fashion week in Toronto. David’s designs tell us a story and you can defiantly see his soul in every piece. This year, I would like to mention the selected fabrics and colors, in my opinion, thanks to these colors and materials, the collection had an extra dose of femininity and romance with fresh and effortless vibes.

  1. Candace Daniela

Ok, this is totally my type of style; it was cool, stylish and sophisticated!

The collection had a lot of  different combinations between rich and sparkling fabrics or evening wear designs, with sporty / casual garments, I know that it is not something new, but I loved the interpretation of this trend, especially the puffers and wintry fabrics usage and design ideas.

  1. Moscal

When I was talking about casual wear lack during the fashion week, I was NOT talking about this brand! I always appreciate complicated sewing technics and designs and this collection had it all! It was so refreshing to see casual wear with a little bit of extravagance, that was given by the geometrical design elements and super stylish color combinations.

  1. Mikael D.

This was the most exciting, glamorous, royal, high end show of all! He brought an international spirit into the runway, and I can totally understand why most of the celebrities such as Jenifer Lopez, Celine Dion and Carry Underwood are choosing his gowns! For me, each of his designs is a master piece with an indubitable quality. When I see this kind of work I see beyond fashion – I see ART!

There are other amazing designers that are worth to be mentioned, such as my lovely Stephan Caras, DI Carlo Couture, Joseph Tassoni and many more …

In addition to the runway review, I usually try to capture some of the most noticeable street style trends and fashion tendencies among fashionistas,  and this year I was very happy to discover a massive  faux fur outwear appearance . Nowadays, the fashion industry is offering us so many fashionable items made of faux fur that we DON’T really need a real one. Moreover, most of the leading high brands ( such as Michael Kors, Gucci, Versace and Jimmy Choo) are going natural fur – free, and this makes me LOVE fashion even more !


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