Toronto Fashion Week Review 2016

 I finally got some quality time with myself and I visited my favorite tea room to write my fashion review following the “Toronto Fashion Week” event.

tea room toronto annvita

I must admit, every time I attend this event, I feel like part of an imaginary world, full of beauty and creativity, it’s like a sweet escape from our daily activities and routine…

When the first show starts and I hear the music, I realize that for some of us, fashion is not only a hobby or occupation, it’s like an energy shot! I am so happy and blessed to have this passion in my life that always makes me smile and feel enthusiastic!

Now, let’s start with my traditional report, including my favorite Canadian designers and what can be taken for a note:

Stephan Caras

This designer is my eternal crush! He knows how to impress, although I had a feeling that he is going to use royal blue colors in his collection and  I was totally right : ) His collections are probably the most feminine, elegant and festive.
I am looking forward to seeing not only the designs, but also the fabrics , I think this is one of his strengths, using the most beautiful and unique fabrics for his creation.

stephan caras

Hilary Macmillian

Casual Chic : I have always admired the ability to make basic and casual outfits, look chic and attractive . The collection had this exact effect, “ready – to – wear” garments with a lot of chic, upgraded with cool accessories and smart styling combinations.
I really loved the pastel colors and faux fur usage, especially for accessories like earrings and shoes J

Hilary Macmillian

Hedler Diego

I love the idea of feminine style with edgy and freaky touches.  You can see the talent, imagination and out of the box thinking in his collections, and this is what fashion is all about…

Hedler Diego

Greta Constantine 

Ok, this is probably the SHOW to remember. No wonder they got the finale… Usually I have a few words to describe a collection, but in this case I have a long list of adjectives:  edgy, crazy, elegant, creative , innovative , artistic, extravagant , sexy, and dramatic, all at once! All their garments seemed like pieces of art to me, and I just wanted them all to keep walking right into my wardrobe!
I am proud to know that Canada has this amazing brand. They have brought European style and taken Canadian Fashion to another level!
Greta ConstantinePhoto credit : Getty Images

In conclusion, I would like to draw your attention to the following trends, and I am pretty sure  that it is going to be extremely  easy to embrace them all  next winter:

1 Faux fur (in all colors)
2 Fur accessories
3 Gold / metallic fabrics
4 Plastic / PVC accessories and fabrics

 If you are curious to see what I have been wearing during fashion week, you are more than welcome to have a look at my gallery with all of my outfits … Click Here and get inspired 🙂

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