Borrow From The Boys

Hello Ladies,
I just wanted to remind you that we all have an extra source of clothes that we should remember about, especially nowadays, when  the over sized items are so popular : our men’s closet :)
By the way, did  you know that even Coco Chanel was borrowing items from menswear and sporting uniforms for her collections?
So ladies, go and borrow from the boys, but make it your own.

In my case , I am obsessed with my hubby’s tops ; shirts, jackets, knits and t – shirts …

bumber jackeet

aldo shoes

zara pants





My Crush – Military Jacket

I think Military Jacket is one of the coolest jackets that  fashion can offer us nowadays (of course  after the leather jacket ).

Sometimes one simple item can make a huge difference in our look , make it trendy and sophisticated , the military jacket totally has this impact .

As you can see below, it can be worn in so many  style variations and it always looks appropriate and cool , style of this jacket  will help you to create a cool look with any festive outfit , and that is why I like it so much :)


tulle dress booties outfit-idea

Ballerinas Flats

What can be more comfortable than flats, and what can be better than fancy pretty flats?
Miu Miu came out with a genius idea of adding different stripes to your ballerina shoes and I am totally embracing it !
So I went to fabric store , bought 2 different stripes and tied them to my ballerina flats that I already had, you can buy nude ballerina flats almost everywhere nowadays!

miu miu ballerina