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Hello my Dear Followers and Visitors ,
I have something exciting to share with you… I got married at the ZOO (but I won’t be talking about that in this article)!
I would instead like to share the story about the dress that means world to me, not only because it’s my wedding dress, but because I put my heart and soul into it. I designed it and even had a chance to participate in the sewing process; it was so important and meaningful for someone who loves fashion and creativity as much as I do, to participate in the whole process, start to finish.

There were a few things that I was confident about (in addition to my significant other) and one of them was that I was going to design my own wedding dress!
It’s important to mention that although I don’t know how to sew professionally, I knew exactly what I wanted and how to make it (theoretically), and was lucky enough to find someone to make it work!

Now, let’s start sharing some useful tips and information…
Let me start by telling you that I gave a name to my dress, not a particularly feminine one, but the perfect one to describe it:
The Transformer (you’ll see why in a few seconds).

I knew that I wanted a practical dress, one that could be used for future occasions, which is why I knew I shouldn’t use lace or any sparkly fabric, since it will make the dress look too festive and  “wedding”-like.
That’s why you should only be using chiffon, satin or any other plain, but high quality fabric, to make your wedding dress.

So why is my dress so practical and called the “Transformer”:

  1. My dress is made of 5 different parts:
    A corset, two fluffy skirts (that were made of satin), a tail and a hood (that were made of net fabric) – all of which are removable. This helped me to transform my dress into many different styles, including romantic and sexy, as opposed to just cute and playful (practical isn’t it?).
  2. I can combine the skirt with different tops, including t–shirts and blouses, or any other options, and give my dress a totally different look, perfect for going out in the summer time.
  3. The corset can also be combined and used with other pants/skirts. The advantage of its plain texture provided me with more options for some elegant and tailored outfit combinations. If I would have chosen a shiny texture, it would have limited me to more festive styles, and I didn’t want that.
  4. If you’re wondering why you should have two skirts, the first reason is because I wanted it to be very fluffy and puffy, but also because there is another use for it – I can put one of the skirts as a top and another at the bottom, this way I am getting an additional dress wedding dress design

As was mentioned above, the removable parts of the dress (the net tail and the hood) have added a lot to my dress, and I think they are the most important components of this creation, since these parts made me look and feel like a Princess (a sexy one), and once I took them off, I felt like a cute little girl, exactly the way I feel in a real life 🙂

The last thing that I would like to mention is that this dress helped me realize a few styling ideas that I had in mind for my wedding photoshoot. For example, I wanted to take pictures in heels (Louboutin), ballet shoes (pointes), red rain boots (Hunters) and  bright pink sneakers (Converse) , so if you have something similar in your plans, you should consider a similar design for making it look just right 🙂

Here are my 5 different styling ideas with ONE wedding dress  :
wedding dress photoshoo ideas

wedding syle unique

wedding dress
I hope that this article and tips will inspire you to be different, to think  creatively and outside of the box …


Crazy Bride M.

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