Inspired by Versace

There are so many important things in life that each person needs to have in order to feel happy…One of these things in my case is passion for things I do, such as my work or my little hobby that couldn’t exist without #inspiration. A few months ago, I was asked about the source of my ideas and I was more than happy to share that I have a couple of them, for example the runway (I watch most of the fashion shows online), movies or dreams (yes, I had a few dreams that included pretty interesting outfit ideas, that eventually transformed into reality).

Here is a recent example of using the runway as my source of inspiration; The skirt I am wearing was one of my favorite summer projects and the outfit you see below was inspired by Versace designs. I knew that I will never find a skirt like that so I had to sew it….Once I started the process, I realized that it’s not going to be easy to find the right fabric, because  It had to be colorful in a very particular way and have a fluffy/ruffled effect. Unfortunately, the fabric that I found was too soft and its texture  wan’t good enough for creating the flufiness, so my talented seamstress came up with the idea of using a string  (like fishing line) and inserting it into the ruffle’s edge, to make it stand, plus a tulle fabric that was added underneath the ruffles.
I was very pleased with the result so now I am hoping that this little sewing trick will be your little inspiration for making the purfect ruffles :).


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