DIY – Reuse and Upgrade

If you are crazy but practical fashion lover like I am, this post is for you:

In case you happen to know someone who just purchased Chanel purse or you are lucky to own one, please note that you can use all of the items that come along with the purse, e.g. the wrapping strap, the cover bag and even the decorative flower.

Here are my top 3 creative usages of each of these elements:
1. One of the wrapping straps can be used as your hair accessory ( also, as a choker or some sort of tie/scarf)
2. The second strap can be used to upgrade any of your strapless tops (in my case I choose a leather one, I was inspired by Dior designs)
3. The cover bag is a perfect fit for making a new life as a real shoulder purse, all I had to do was sew a lather strap and add the decorative flower that was part of the package and played a very essential role in my creation:
That’s basically it, as you can see nothing complected only out of the box thinking.
Have fun,

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