Crystal Skirt DIY

Those of you who follow fashion trends and tendencies probably would know  that plastic or PVC fabric is very popular among the fashion designers and fashionistas when it comes to clothes, shoes or accessories. I personally never liked it for clothes until I saw the Michael’s Kors skirt design made of sheer plastic material and swarovski. Once I saw it, I knew that I am going to create one of my own and it would cost me 1000 times less than the original one 😊

I was right, I found a simple plastic skirt on Aliexpress that cost me  $10 and 3 packages of crystals that cost me another $10 (you can do the math and see the difference between my cost and Michael’s Cors skirt that cost thousands of dollars).
This creation was one of the simplest projects but required a lot of patience, since I had to sew all of the crystals separately, one by one (otherwise you could see the thread and stitches, because the fabric is totally sheer, remember? ).

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