Metallic Dress

Summer is over but luckily I had a very productive time with a lot of creation and #inspiration, so now I am more than happy  to share some of the diy’s with you.

Let’s start from my BD outfit that I think is one of my “out of the box” thinking creations.
The first thing you need to know is that my dress was made of 3 pieces: 1 Dress and 2 Shirts.
As you can see, the dress had huge splits on the hips and also a very low back so I had to cover it somehow:
I bought 2 tops that are actually a piece of fabric (same material as the dress) and covered all of the gaps by using this extra fabric.
And here is the most important information for you ; Since the dress is made of a pretty hard metallic material, I couldnt sew it with a regular thread, so I found a quick alternative and used little safety pins to attach the shirt pieces in between the splits.
 This is the shirt:
As for the back, I bought some silver elastic ribbon to tie the back of the dress, and used  a few safety pins to raise the bottom part of the back a bit higher, the safety pins are actually being hold on the ribbon (see image below):
I know it sounds supper complicated but belive me, once you know the tricks, the process will be much easier for you.
Enjoy the process!

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